Amber Mylius-King is a multi-faceted visual artist working with photography and the physical realm to make work that situates itself in the political landscape of race, identity and femininity. Working across various mediums, much of her work is an experimentation and pulls from the world  around her in an attempt to spark conversations about contemporary issues.

Based in London and Bristol, she is completing her third year at boomsatsuma and is working on a new project which challenges spaces where historically there was a lack of representation and reimagines POC in these traditional spaces.


︎ @amberm.king
Exhibitions, Talks vx

New Black Narrative Group Exhibition, Royal West Academy, Bristol 2024

London Fashion Week, Amschela Campaign, Online 2023

Hodge Podge Group Exhibtion, Bristol 2022

Gesture Group Show, Bristol, 2022

Afrika eye Sympostium, Bristol 2022

FROM THE KITCHEN, Exhibition, Online, 2021

Gesture group publication, 2022
Work Show Grow Publication, International 2021

Honourable Mention, PhotoFrome Student awards

Undertone, Shortlisted, PhotoFrome Student Awards, 2023

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